RBB8 - Redbull Soapbox Race 2017

Redbull return to Alexandra Palace for the 2017 Soapbox Race and so did we!   This year we decided to go with an icon - BB8 from Star Wars.  With the added effect of moving spehere and head.  Fair's fair and my team mate Mike drove it this year.  See the application and build photos or the race footage below:

Dark Age Dynamos - Redbull Soapbox Race 2015

Redbull take over Alexandra Palace  for the 2015 Soapbox Race - insanely steep and suicidal kicker jumps we (myself and the pub gang) were keen to give it a go. Below is the gallery of our development. My jobs were the technical design and fabrication using Solidworks and Draftsight for the rough design and my workshop, a MIG welder and my neighbours fence panels for the construction.  I also drove it down the course.